Piccadilly Line Night Tube to Launch During Christmas Party Season

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Well, that’s handy. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has just announced that the Piccadilly line will get the Night Tube treatment on December 16th, which should make the run-up to Christmas rowdier than ever.

On Fridays and Saturdays, anyway. School-night revellers will still need to choose between an early exit and the prospect of passing out on the night bus in the early hours, waking up in Canning Town and pledging that, from now on, you will take a jacket with you on nights out, despite the cloakroom fees.

The 24-hour service, which will run between Cockfosters and Heathrow Terminal 5, will also be a godsend for people with particularly nasty flight times.

“We’ve seen how enthusiastically Londoners have embraced the Night Tube, and I am delighted that we’ve exceeded expectations with more than one million journeys made already,” said Khan. “The addition of the Piccadilly line will help even more thousands of Londoners every weekend, from those taking in the capital’s cultural landmarks to the many workers who keep London open around the clock.”

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The Night Tube has already launched on the Central, Victoria and Jubilee lines, and will arrive on the Northern line on November 18th. [Twitter]