Post Office Strike to Test Parents' Father Christmas Lying Skills

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you were planning to send Christmas presents to friends or family members living abroad this year, the Post Office has provided a great excuse for you to delay, delay and delay your shopping.

Over 700 Post Office managers are set to hold a 24-hour strike on December 3rd -- the peak day for overseas Christmas mail -- a move that will affect the delivery of packages destined for hard-to-pronounce addresses.

That essentially makes the Post Office 2016’s lousy Christmas scapegoat. You might as well just wait for the January sales before completing your Christmas shopping. Actually, why bother sending anything at all? Father Christmas calls the shots, and you can’t question his judgement.

The managers are joining a Communication Workers Union (CWU) strike. The Post Office plans to transfer up to 61 branches into WH Smith stores next year, but the CWU says this will result in up to 2,000 job losses and the closure of a final salary pension scheme.

“We are taking this action because the management refuses to talk in a constructive manner about the pension scheme which is currently in surplus to more than £143m,” said Brian Scott, Unite's officer for the Post Office. “This is the retirement income of our members which is at stake and we are not going to stand idly by and let them lose thousands of pounds when they retire.”

Meanwhile, Post Office spokesman Mark Davies' official line is, “We are extremely sorry that the unions are attempting to disrupt services for people sending parcels and cards to loved ones in the run-up to Christmas. However, we would like to reassure our customers that, if a strike goes ahead on December 3, it will impact less than 300 of our 11,600 branches. It will be business as usual in 97% of our network.” [BBC]