Robbie Williams Performs an Exorcism of the Spirit of Michael Winner

By Gary Cutlack on at

Robbie Williams has said something silly, probably because he's got a new record out. He claims that his multi-million dollar US mansion is being plagued by the spirit of its former owner, Michael Winner, and is taking steps to have it removed by whatever governmental department deals with unwanted spirit infestations.

Williams' wife, Ayda Field, was speaking on ITV's Loose Women, where people tell of such things as if they are serious and of great importance, where she said that she felt a little bit spooked by the possibility of the metaphysical stains of previous occupant Winner somehow watching over her. The couple has  therefore employed a "Native American healer" to come and try to cleanse the air and the land of the presence of the right-wing former film-maker.

And obviously it's not really an exorcism. They're having the place "saged" -- a ritual where bundles of sage are burned within to make whatever bad presences are there go home, because ghosts really hate herbs as everyone knows. [Telegraph]

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