Roger Moore up for Being Bond Again if Daniel Craig Bails

By Gary Cutlack on at

89-year-old former Bond Roger Moore has said he's not against the idea of popping up in the next film, especially if such a move boosts the old family coffers.

Moore was speaking at the Southbank Centre in London, where, sadly, he revealed that no one from the films' production company has actually asked him to pop up in a cameo as an eyebrow-raising technician within Q Division or whatever. And as you might expect he was also battered with questions about Bonds new and old, coming out with some gushing praise for Sean Connery.

More said of his forerunner: "He was obviously the right person, he brought the right personality to the performance, otherwise Bond would not have gone on past the first six that he did. He was a tremendous Bond."

And he likes Daniel Craig too, saying of the modern bleak Bond: "Today, I think we're very lucky to have Daniel Craig because he is quite extraordinary, I always say that Sean looked like a killer -- but Daniel Craig would finish it off." [Sky via Den of Geek]

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