Samsung's Foldable Smartphone Looks Very Surface Book

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Rumours surrounding Samsung’s mythical folding smartphone are doing the rounds once again, but this time they’re augmented with new images -- not a grainy screenshot from a three-year-old YouTube clip.

The latest gossip is that the phone will definitely potentially come out next year, with Samsung needing to pull something spectacular out of the bag, and the renders included in a patent application (discovered by GalaxyClub) show off a device that resembles a miniature version of Microsoft’s Surface Book.

‘Project Valley’, as it’s known, would feature a familiar-looking hinge and a flexible display, allowing you to bend it while onlookers look on in awe and finally recognise you as the sex god you’ve always been. It looks like it will be able to fold in on itself like a classic flip phone too -- nostalgia box ticked.

Weirdly, the patent also suggests that you’ll be able to move the hinge up and down the phone, allowing you to bend it in different places. We’re not entirely sure how that would work, but if Samsung can pull it off I guess it would be cool.

According to a recent report from The Korea Herald, a 2017 launch is on the cards, but we wouldn’t start holding our breath just yet. [Korea Herald, GalaxyClub]