Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Apologies Ranked

By Gary Cutlack on at

People all over the world have been handing back their Galaxy Note 7 mobiles, and Samsung's even offering some apology rewards as a result. But who's getting the best payoff for carrying a sleek incendiary device around with them for a few weeks?

Samsung France is the latest to say sorry to temporary owners of the Note 7, sending them each a letter and a free 128GB microSD by way of apology, to slot into their next phone -- as long as it isn't an iPhone. A weird raffle to win free tickets to a VR park is also on offer, as Samsung tries to turn its disaster into a PR opportunity. 8/10, seems genuine.

Samsung's New Zealand office is giving people a $100 (£56) credit or voucher as a bribe to stop making jokes about its products catching on fire, as well as swapping out the Note 7 for a S7 or S7 Edge. 10/10, above and beyond.

China's apology was pretty amazing, despite not offering any freebies. Over there, 23 company executives took to the stage and literally grovelled on their knees, in an event that actually made things worse due to the cultural significance of kneeling to the Chinese. Whoops. 1/10, made it worse.

In America, Samsung's regional boss said sorry in a letter in some national newspapers and it made Tim beg for forgiveness on YouTube. No freebies. 4/10, Tim sounds very sorry.

The European boss got away with a letter. No freebies. 1/10, doesn't even sound sincere. [Ubergizmo]

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