Sex Dentist Makes Special Teeth for Better Oral Loving

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dentistry, the least sexy thing in the world, is finally getting sexed up for today's porn-obsessed world, as part of a mouth-themed exhibition called Mouthy: Into the Orifice.

The sex part of the exhibit has been created by Kuang-Yi Ku, who has made a thing he calls the Fellatio Modification Project. It is a series of braces and inserts designed to make the mouth-sexing of men more enjoyable, should you care about the happiness of the man you've just met in the train station loos, or perhaps just want to get the experience over with quicker. I wouldn't know. I've only ever poked mine through the hole between cubicles.

The process involves a fitting -- of the braces not the penis -- in which a mold is taken of the mouth of the potential wearer. This is then used to create a tight fitting dental insert that can be tweaked with a collection of surface features made out of small rubber bumps and cones.

You can then take it home and charge a premium for doing bored businessmen on Grindr, if that's what you still do on Friday nights these days. [Mouthy via New Scientist]

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