Smartphone Upgrades Stolen Through Three Data Breach

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Three executives are currently playing It's Alright on loop, as it's emerged that the company has suffered a data breach. The mobile operator says bank details haven’t been snatched, though other personal details including customers’ names and addresses have been accessed.

Police arrested three men -- a 48-year-old from Orpington, a 39-year-old from Ashton-under-Lyne and a 35-year-old from Moston -- in connection with the breach, but they’ve all been released on bail pending further enquiries.

Three’s revealed that data was accessed via a login to the company’s database of customers eligible for a phone upgrade, and says it’s reinforced its protective barriers to ensure that thieves have a slightly tougher time breaking in in the future.

“Over the last four weeks Three has seen an increasing level of attempted handset fraud,” said a Three spokesman. “This has been visible through higher levels of burglaries of retail stores and attempts to unlawfully intercept upgrade devices. We've been working closely with the police and relevant authorities. To date, we have confirmed approximately 400 high value handsets have been stolen through burglaries and eight devices have been illegally obtained through the upgrade activity.

“In order to commit this type of upgrade handset fraud, the perpetrators used authorised logins to Three's upgrade system. This upgrade system does not include any customer payment, card information or bank account information.” [BBC]