Somebody's Created a Working 'Apple' Mirror

By Gary Cutlack on at

This thing could have people spending even more time in the bathroom secretly checking all their internet stuff, as it's an Apple-inspired vanity computer hidden inside a mirror.

Given how much people on the internet seem to like taking and looking at photographs of themselves these days, it would appear to be a genius idea. Created by Rafael Dymek, the "Apple" Mirror even comes with one of those weird scrolly web sites to show it off, plus Dymek has assembled a video of it doing its thing:

Apps launch in windows, so you could have one running pornography, another running some other pornography, and a third running slightly different pornography, should its multitasking powers be up to the job.

Dymek said of his creation: "This mirror was created as a personal project and is in no way being used for commercial reasons. I admire Apple’s vision and approach to creating revolutionary products. My only goal for this project was to create something useful that I could see myself using."

See himself using! A mirror! Well done. [Rafael Dymek via BGR]

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