Someone Turned Nature's Most Bizarre Creature into an Adorable Plush Toy

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you haven’t read up on tardigrades, or “water bears” as they’re more commonly known, take a few minutes and familiarise yourself with the microscopic creatures that are nearly indestructible. Then you’ll understand why you must own this adorable stuffed version.

Available from the Japanese online store Village/Vanguard, the plush tardigrades are as anatomically correct as a stuffed toy can be, aside from the fact that at around 12-inches long these water bears are about 1,000 times bigger than the real thing.

The toy tardigrades are also available in a couple of different colour options, including tan and a darker brown, and even if you find them revolting, there’s almost certainly someone on your Christmas shopping list who loves science enough to appreciate getting one as a gift. [Village/Vanguard via BoingBoing]