Spain Moves to Ban Anti-Politician Memes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Spain's top political party has floated the idea that it might be nice to ban all funny things on the internet classed as memes, particularly ones that offend politicians within the country.

The Popular Party -- so popular it's in government -- has presented the reform proposal to its Congress, in a rule change that says its current legislation, put in place in 1982, simply isn't up to the job of protecting the easily offended from the terrors of the internet. The proposed changes would stop the "...spreading of images that infringe the honour of a person," a rather broad term that could be applied to any satirical form of comment and not just the bad ones involving your more traditional sexual slurs.

The PP says it's all just at the idea stage at the moment, with the main target being a clamp down on images that are "...insulting, involve death threats or accuse a person of committing a crime," although local rights campaigners say granting the power to let individuals have any images posted of themselves without consent removed might effectively ban any form of social criticism from being posted online. And then what would people do all day? [Independent]

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