Spotify Fixes Mass HD Data Dump Flaw

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something odd with the way Spotify's desktop tool handled disk space has been found by users, who complained that the streaming service was eating up masses of HD memory by filling files with what appeared to be vast piles of junk.

Users of the Spotify forum gathered to tell their bizarre tales of the desktop streaming client's thirst for empty hard drive space, with some measuring the amount absorbed by the service in the terabytes. One user who tested Spotify's read/write performance on his machine said: "The issue at hand seems to be that it tries to cache every song you play as when I went back to a song that I played at the start of the tests it wouldn't go up, but that still doesn't explain that one time it used 28GB (or about 26GiB) while listening to a song on auto replay."

Reports of it writing 100GB per day weren't uncommon, and triggered someone at Spotify to have a tinker with the code. Spotify says of the issue: "We've seen some questions in our community around the amount of written data using the Spotify client on desktop. These have been reviewed and any potential concerns have now been addressed in version 1.0.42, currently rolling out to all users." [Spotify via Ars]

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