Star Wars Rogue One Star Felicity Jones Tells You Off For Pirating Films

By James O Malley on at

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story out in a few short weeks, Disney is no doubt starting to getting worried about bands of rebels breaking in to steal intellectual property, thus undermining their grand plans.

So today the Industry Trust for IP Awareness has launched a new trailer campaign featuring Jyn Erso herself, Felicity Jones, pre-emptively bollocking you for even thinking of downloading the new film, instead of seeing it in the cinema.

The above video will be showed in cinemas from today, and will be supported by a poster campaign too. According to the Trust, 75% of 16-34 year old males have downloaded or streamed unauthorised content, and in a victory or feminism more women are behaving just as badly than when they were last surveyed in 2014 (sadly the press release doesn't give the exact figures).

The film, which is directed by Gareth Edwards, is out on the 15th December.