Surrey Swimming Pool Wins Design Award for Wonky Roof

By Gary Cutlack on at

We thought they were only closing swimming pools due to problems caused by money and paedophiles, but apparently not; there's a new Olympic size one in Surrey just opened and it's got such a lovely posh and lavish roof it's won an award.

A long way from the rotting polystyrene tiles and opaque moss-covered glass we associate with public swimming facilities, the roof at Surrey's Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre is a wooden beamed catenary design -- one that uses suspension to hang curved things and lets hidden parts of the structure do all the load bearing work.

The Institution of Structural Engineers decided it liked the Grandview Heights ceiling the best out of all this year's shortlisted builds, saying of the work: "We were struck by the undulating roof, which elegantly balances structural form with building use and celebrates the expressed materials. The adoption of timber in catenary permitted a structural depth of just 300mm for a 55m span - a design which defies convention and demanded design excellence."

It still looks like a big old warehouse from the outside, though. [Bustler]

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