The Giz UK Gift Guide for Fans of Top Gear/The Grand Tour

By Tom Pritchard on at

Clarkson, Hammond, and May are back on TV screens again (as well as on every other internet-enabled device), and this is a good thing for fans of the old (new) Top Gear. Especially since The Grand Tour is basically the same programme. If you're looking for gifts for the fan in your life, or if you fancy treating yourself to something instead, look no further than our Top Gear/Grand Tour-themed gift guide.

A Practical Guide to Racism, £7

Clarkson and co were always getting in trouble for being accidentally (or deliberately) racist. If you want to emulate their actions, you're going to have to do some book reading and make sure your own racism is done in a practical manner.

In all seriousness racism is a bad thing, and sprouting off racist things in public is likely to end up with you in hospital - even if you were joking. Thankfully a quick skim of the blurb shows this book is anything but serious, which means it'll be perfect for anyone who anyone who has a sense of humour. [Buy it here]

How Not to be a Dick, £11.47

Unlike the last book, this one is very serious and is definitely aimed at the wannabe Clarksons of the world. We don't want you lot getting drunk and punching TV producers in public.

While it sounds like a joke present, it's far from a satirical look at the life of being a dick. Instead it's a guide to ettiquette, and treating your fellow man with dignity and respect. You know, the kind of thing that tells you getting drunk and punching someone over the lack of steak is not a very good idea. [Buy it here]

OCK Mug, £5.40

James May is known for his colourful language, but when it comes to verbal dismay he has the ever-simple utterance of "oh cock" to get him buy. This is a mug that says 'OCK', which isn't really the same as cock. OCK is a very innocent and nonsense word, which should not be sullied by James May's foul mouth. Why did I bring it up? Who knows. Maybe you do. [Buy it here]

Fire TV Stick, £25

It's cheap and it's one of the easiest ways you can get Amazon Video running on your TV. It's made by Amazon, so the system is designed around the company's own streaming systems (for better or worse). That makes it an ideal place to get The Grand Tour up and running. [Buy it here]

Top Gear - The Great Adventures 1-4, £18

One of the best parts about Top Gear were the exploration challenges. Sending the three presenters to all corners of the planet and having them complete some ridiculous car-based tasks in the name of good television. They went to the North Pole in a car, drove through the Amazon rainforest, nearly got murdered by angry rednecks, and so much more. Most of those adventures are chronicled in this box set, which features the special episodes from the US, the North Pole, Botswana, Vietnam, South America, Bonneville, and The Middle East.

There's also a fifth release, sold separately, which includes the India and Supercars across Italy special. [Buy it here]

Top Gear Greatest Hits, £7/£10

Clarkson, Hammond, and May leaving Top Gear was the end of an era. An era in which it went from a piddly little BBC car show to one of the most watched shows in the world. For fans wanting to relive all the glorious moments (and none of the shite), there's this. It's got a collection of all Top Gear's best bits throughout the years, condensed down into five hours of viewing material. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

And on that Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear, £6.39

Pretty much all of what people know about Top Gear-that was came from what they saw on screen. The madcap (sometimes deliberately/accidentally racist) antics of the presenting trio. And on that Bombshell is a book from the series' long-time script editor, who has chronically a number of behind-the-scenes stories that he felt should be told. He's already told the story of how everyone nearly got murdered in Alabama (and how that's one of the few things they didn't stage), so this lot should be good. [Buy it here]

Forza Horizon 3 (£30) and Gran Turismo Sport (£48)

If you like Top Gear and The Grand Tour, there's a chance you also like flashy expensive cars. So what better way to spend your non-TV hours than racing cars? Granted Gran Turismo Sport isn't out until next year, but that means you have something to look forward to. [Buy Forza here | Pre-order Gran Turismo here]

Clarkson: The Top Gear Years, £8

Clarkson has written a lot of books over the years, and a few of them are filled with his old magazine and newspaper columns. This one focuses on his time during (and after) the production of the Top Gear revamp back in 2003, and his many writings from within Top Gear Magazine. It's funny, car-ey, and all those things Clarkson's writing has been known to be. [Buy it here]

James May's Man Lab Book of Usefulness, £10

It's not all about the cars here, and James May had branched out quite a bit during his days at the BBC. Man Lab was an attempt to reinvigorate the modern man, and instil him with the useful skills that have been lost in modern times. This book is a guide to many of them, showing men (and also women) of the world how they can 'man up' and stop being useless halfwits. From romance, to fashion, to DIY, and beyond, this is a damn useful book for anyone. [Buy it here]

Richard Hammond's Caravans, £10

There are two types of people in the world. Those who think caravans are a pretty neat idea, and those who despise their very existence. Car shows generally end up in the latter group, but that hasn't stopped Hammond from writing a guide to the white menace - and from an unbiased perspective. [Buy it here]