The Grand Tour Gets the Lego Treatment

By Kim Snaith on at

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that The Grand Tour fever is currently sweeping the nation. And regardless of your personal feelings towards Clarkson, Hammond and May, they're household names and they're here to stay.

There's just one thing wrong with them in my opinion: they're not made of Lego.

...What's that, now? They are made of Lego?

Yes, you read that right: your love for Jeremy, Richard and James can now be expressed through an exclusive Grand Tour minifig set. They're not, of course, officially released from Lego themselves, but Yorkshire-based custom minifig designers have done a stand-up job of creating their likeness in these custom minifigures.

Lego Jeremy Clarkson

Lego Richard Hammond

Lego James May

Poor Hammond with his stumpy kid legs.

If you want to remember the good old days of proper Top Gear instead, you can also buy The Stig and a rather awesome Lego version of the lap times leaderboard. []