The Most Insane Moments in Last Night's Planet Earth 2 Episode 2, "Mountains"

By James O Malley on at

Last week we couldn't resist sharing with you some of the most brutal moments from the first episode of Planet Earth 2, the BBC's astonishing new nature series. And it appears that the spectre of death resonated with our readers. so we wanted to do the same this week.

However, upliftingly, last night's second episode wasn't quite so bleak and unrelenting. Most of the animals survived. But that isn't to say that it wasn't astonishing. So here's some of the craziest moments from last night's show, which is available in full on the iPlayer now.

Mountain Goats

Sir David Attenborough kicked off last night by looking at the Nubian Ibex, which somehow manage to live literally on the edge of mountains, in order to avoid predators.

It was scary viewing - especially when this adorable baby Ibex appeared. But mercifully, it didn't fall to its death. Which would have started things on a bit of a downer.

Eagle Smackdown

We then got to see a golden eagle, majestically soaring through the Alps. It was about to chow down on the decaying corpse of a fox until... a bigger eagle turned up.

Bear Dancing

There was some comic relief brought last night by these bears - which for some reason like to rub themselves against trees. It's like something out of the Jungle Book - though if Mowgli turned up in real life, he would probably end up having his face mauled off.


If you've ever tried to catch a train from Finsbury Park at 8am, this is pretty much exactly what it feels like:

Snow Leopard Fighting

Some of the most dramatic moments in the show last night came from seeing the Snow Leopards clash over who gets to mate with the female.

It appears that the female herself didn't get much of a say in the matter. Which makes me feel a bit better about crossbowing so many of them in Far Cry 4.

Bobcat Jumping

These Bobcats seemed to sum up Monday mornings for us.

But of course, Bobcats may seem fun - but they do have a more sinister side...

The One Victim: A Squirrel

However, there was one definite victim in this otherwise broadly murder free show. This poor little squirrel became the the bobcat's lunch - and so we got to watch its killer descend from a tree, with the partially decapitated rodent swinging from its jaw. Delightful.

Bravo, BBC. We're looking forward to seeing more next week already.