The Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus Aren't Sharing Screenshots Properly

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Users have flagged up an unusual and very specific issue with the Pixel, which is struggling to handle screenshots captured and sent from the iPhone 7 Plus.

The screenshots appear as severely distorted images on Google’s flagship, but only if they’ve been captured from within an app -- not from the home screen -- and sent via SMS/MMS or Hangouts. It’s a one-way issue too, with screenshots sent from the Pixel to the iPhone 7 Plus completely unaffected.

The image processing problem is being discussed on the Google Product Forum, and another user has reported experiencing the same issue with his Nexus 6, which he’s managed to install Android 7.1 on. Google is said to be aware of the issue, though we’re not sure if it’s working on a fix yet. [GPF via Android Police]