The Week in Geek: Inhumans, 2000AD, Star Trek, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to another instalment of the Week in Geek, your weekly roundup of exciting news from the world of comics, TV, film, and gaming. This week we have news about Star Trek Discovery casting, the upcoming Inhumans TV show, 2000AD's 40th anniversary, and more.

Star Trek Discovery

It's been revealed that Chinese/Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh has been cast in the upcoming Star Trek TV series (due next May). We don't have full confirmation on her character, but according to Deadline she won't be a member of the Discovery crew. Instead she's supposed to be playing Han Bo, captain of the Starfleet vessel Shenzhou which will have a major role in the show's first series.


We already know that Marvel's Inhumans is heading to television, rather than film, and now we know when it should debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first two episodes will debut on IMAX screens across the world on the USA's Labor Day (4th September). It'll run for two weeks, before heading to US television screens as part of ABC's Fall (sic) lineup.


The long-running British comic series is coming up to its 40th anniversary, and its gone and revealed a special cover to commemorate the event (via CBR). It's being drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, the long-time 2000AD contributor best known for designing characters like Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog's Johnny Alpha.

The prog itself will arrive in February, and like Prog 2000 you can expect it to sell out quite quickly.

Dirk Gently

BBC America's adaptation of Dirk Gently has been renewed for a second season of 10 episodes, meaning it's lasting longer than Stephen Mangan's criminally underrated version ever did.


The DC TV four series crossover is set to happen next week over in the States, and the CW has released a full-length trailer to promote it.

The crossover starts with Monday night's Supergirl, and ends with Thursday night's Legends of Tomorrow.


For some reason Hollywood continues to try and reboot Highlander, even though the franchise itself was in a state of living death for many years. Despite the fact one film was enough, The Hollywood Reporter claims John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski has been signed on for the film.


Fans continue to hope that one day Fox and Marvel will come to an arrangement that lets the X-Men be part of the Marvel cinematic universe. According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, that idea is "an impossibility." AT least for the time being. Telling Variety:

It’s an impossibility at this juncture. We certainly have enough films to keep us busy for a number of lifetimes.


Rumours have circulated for some time claiming that the upcoming solo Batman movie would feature Catwoman in some capacity. It turns out she probably won't be in the film, because she isn't in the current version of the script. At least, that's according to Sienna Miller who has campaigned for the role when she spoke to Fandango's Erik Davis.

But production hasn't started and that script could change, but don't hold your breath.

Marvel Comics

Marvel has announced a couple of Inhuman-related series this week, due to launch in the aftermath of Inhumans vs X-Men. First up is a Black Bolt-centric solo series, which has shockingly never happened before. It'll be written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Christian Ward.

Second is a new iteration of the Secret Warriors, which will launch in the Spring under the RessurXion banner. The teams will be led by pseudo-Inhuman Daisy Johnson/Quake and will feature Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, plus unpowered Inhuman Karnak. This should be good, because Karnak has a tendency to be a bit of a dick. It'll be written by  Matthew Rosenberg, with art from Javier Garro.


Sherlock is set to return in the new year, and PBS has released some new images from the fourth series to help promote it. All of them are available on PBS's Sherlock microsite, and they feature Toby Jones's villainous Culverton Smith as well as a new addition to clan Watson.