The Week in Geek: Inhumans, Arrow, Justice League, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to another instalment of the Week in Geek, your weekly roundup of exciting news from the world of comics, TV, film, and gaming. This week we have casting news for Justice League's villain, some word on the indefinitely-postponed Inhumans film, some extra tidbits from Arrow, and more.

Justice League

Justice League has been in production for a while, and know we finally know who is playing Steppenwolf - the film's villain. It's Ciaran Hinds, better known as Game of Thrones' Mance Raydor, and Harry Potter's Aberforth Dumbledore. According to The Wrap, Hinds has finished filming his scenes - which includes extensive performance capture.


According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, the indefinitely-postponed Inhumans movie will happen eventually. He told /Film:

I think Inhumans will happen for sure. I don’t know when. I think it’s happening on television. And I think as we get into Phase 4 as I’ve always said, it could happen as a movie. I think it would be super cool.

As io9 points out, it sounds as though Feige doesn't know that Inhumans are already happening on TV in quite a big way. Either that or just spilled the beans on an Inhumans-centric spin-off. I'm a big fan of comics on TV rather than in films, but would that mean we can't have Vin Diesel as Black Bolt? That would be a travesty.


There's a fair bit of Arrow news this week, including our first look at Dolph Lungreen as the head of the Bratva crime syndicate. He's pretty well dressed, which shouldn't be surprising for the head of an international crime ring. Lungreen will debut in the next episode, which will air on Wednesday night in the US. You'll have to wait a while for it to hit the UK, since season 5 only premiered here last week.

CBR has the full collection.

It's also been revealed that the other Al Ghul sister, Talia, will make her second live-action appearance in the TV show. Further solidifying the ties Arrow has with the Batman mythos. She'll first appear in the 10th episode of season 5, played by Lexa Doig. It won't be a one-off appearance, with Doig set to return for multiple episodes during the season.

Talia first appeared in Legends of Tomorrow, but as a child during the 1950s. Presumably, like her father, she's been a big fan of the Lazarus Pit. Her sister Nyssa has been a prominent recurring character since season 2.

Agents of SHIELD

So spoiler alert, unless you've not seen the most recent Agents of SHIELD, but we have a hint at who the mysterious second Ghost Rider is. Not that it's a very long list of possibilities. Gabriel Luna, who plays Robbie Reyes, posted the following images on Twitter, showcasing the issue of Ghost Rider when Reyes teams up with Johnny Blaze - the first Ghost Rider.

Marvel Comics

Marvel has a number of big announcements this week, including news that there will be two ongoing books spinning out of the upcoming Monsters Unleashed crossover event (due in February). We don't know what they are just yet, or who's working on them, but we're bound to hear more over the next couple of months.

Marvel has also announced that it will be producing 'video comics', which are basically motion comics with fancier effects and production values. The first comic features Iron Man teaming up with Spider-Manto take on the upgraded, normally D-list villain Batroc the leaper. The second one focuses on Black Panther thwarting an attempted invasion of Wakanda by phasing villain The Ghost.

The video comics are available to watch on Disney XD's YouTube channel, but be warned: you will need a VPN to watch them. Because geo-blocks are unfortunately still a thing.

Finally, in typical MCU style, Spider-Man Homecoming will be getting a two-part prequel comic series. No word on what it will involve just yet (please not another dead Uncle Ben...), but it'll arrive on 20th June 2017. Exepct to see the issues sold separately during the Spring. Here's the synopsis:

You adored his introduction in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, you can’t wait for his Hollywood Homecoming – now really get to know the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this prelude to his big-screen solo adventure! By day, young Peter Parker attends high school and lives with his Aunt May. By night, he fights crime with wall-crawling powers and web-swinging tech – and he’s destined to one day have an amazing, spectacular, sensational reputation as his neighborhood’s friendly hero! Join Marvel’s Spider-Man as he makes his first tentative web-swings towards a blockbuster future!

The Dark Tower

The long-time-coming Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower has been delayed by a few months. Instead of coming out next February, it'll come out next summer. The delay is so filmmakers can spend more time honing the film's special effects. Sources told Entertainment Weekly that this was down to the film's "fiscally responsible" (read: low) budget, which would not allow effects to be completed in time for February. I's say that's a more than reasonable excuse.

Alien Covenant

Michael Fassbender has been blabbing about the upcoming Alien film, that's secretly a sequel to Prometheus. Apparently he's playing not one, but two different androids in the film. There's David, who we saw as a disembodied head at the end of the first film, and Walter. But other than that we don't know anything. It does explain how Michael Fassbender has been seen filming as a not-head, without having a silly explanation of how David magically got his body back in deep space.

Mass Effect Andromeda

EA has revealed that a trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda will arrive on 7th November, announcing the news... with a trailer. I'll give you a second to collectively sigh.

In any case the teaser reveals the game is 600 years into our future, and 400 years after the events of Mass Effect 3.