The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I always wonder whether people who get ill all the time get used to the fact, and can work through it more easily. Then again I suppose people who never fall ill tend to come down with the more serious illnesses that hit really hard, which is a lovely perk of having a good immune system. This time of year, everyone's going to be coming down with something. Public transport got 1000x more disgusting.

Blink Shell (Update)

£14.99: iOS

Desktop Mac and Linux machines have that ever-functional tool called the Command Line, and Blink Shell was the first desktop-tier Mosh and SSH compatible terminals to make it to iOS. It just had a big update, with huge redesigns. There's a redesigned on-screen keyboard, new fonts and themes, multistep user authentication, as well as usual bug fixes. It's pricey, but if you want Command line functions on iOS, this is one of your best options.

File Cards


£5.39: Windows

Windows Explorer has been around for a while, and has remained functionally the same for many years. File Cards redesigns all that, and rather than seeing a single folder at a time you can 'zoom out', so to speak. That means seeing multiple different folders on a single screen, without having to open and resize about a billion windows. It's all customisable, so you can set everything up to suit your own personal needs.

Fitbit (Update)

Free: Android

The Fitbit companion app got a bit of an update this week, and with it comes the option to preview the next version of the dashboard. That means a total redesign of how everything looks, with a tabbed design that looks and feels much nicer than the list layout it had before.

HMRC (Update)

Free: Android | iOS | Windows

With tax season coming up, this is one app you might want to keep an eye on. It has everything you need to keep up to date with things, letting you see your own account, track forms and letters, check tax benefits and the like, and more. HMRC also made changes to the tax calculator, meaning you don't need to log in to take advantage of its benefits.


£1.49: iOS

Not got a ruler or a tape measure handy? Lucky for you, there's an app for that. Moasure can use your phone to detect and measure distances between 20cm and 100 metres. All you need to do is move your phone from one point to the other, and it'll do all the calculations for you. It can even help you measure round obstacles, and so much more than plotting a simple A to B.

Pocket GP

Free: Android | iOS

This one is basically like having the NHS's many tools in your pocket. Not only does it have a symptom checker, you can also access and download the NHS-vetted articles and treatments and keep them on your phone for offline use. It also has a search feature to find nearby NHS services, and all sorts of health-based information to help you out in the real world.


Free: Android | iOS

There are plenty of apps for digitising old photos, and now Google is throwing its own tool into the game. Photoscan is integrated into Google Photos, so when you scan and digitise your old shots they get uploaded to your Google Photos account automatically. It offers glare free scans, automatic cropping, perspective correction, and smart rotation, to get the perfect final result.


Free: Android | iOS | Windows

It may have arrived on Android a few weeks back, but now WhatsApp video calling is going live on all platforms. Android, iOS, Windows, you name it. So finally, finally, you can take part in cross-platform video calls on one of the world's most popular messaging apps. Provided you're happy signing up with a Facebook service.

Workflow (Update)

£2.29: iOS

One of the must-have apps for iOS users, letting you create automated processes in the form of mini-apps that you can pin to your homescreen. It's always been a bit complicated to get your head round, but the new update makes it quite a bit simpler. First point of note is the new gallery feature that makes it easier to find new workflows, as well as an improved search feature that makes finding public workflows easier than ever before.