The White and Gold/Black and Blue Thing is Happening Again

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Just to warn you, a picture of pair of flip flops -- soon to be known as The Flip Flops -- is doing the rounds on the web today because some people think it’s a different colour scheme to other people, and they’re bickering about it because they haven’t learnt anything from The Dress last year.

I’m seeing white and gold, just as I did with The Dress, which actually turned out to be black and blue. I accepted that I was wrong, and I just haven’t got it in me to try and debunk the science behind colour perception.

Other people with different eyes and brains to me seem to be seeing either black and blue, gold and blue or white and blue flip flops, which appears to make this case slightly more complex than 2015’s.

The Dress gave rise to multiple scientific explanations -- one of which even brought the issue of the naming of colours into focus -- and we’re really really looking forward to reading your theories in the comments section. I also looked for this particular Havaianas pair here but got bored and gave up. [Twitter]