Thieves Detonate Wrong Cash Machine and Steal Bank Statements

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of German thieves thought they'd hit a winner when they detonated a local ATM, only to end up quite dismayed that they'd wasted their improvised explosive device on blowing up nothing more than a statement printer.

According to The Register, the criminals entered the bank's lobby and, high on adrenaline and well up for a bit of naughtiness, blew up one of the machines therein. Only they chose a printer instead of one of the ones that makes the money come out.

A statement released by the local police force explained: "Presumably not very clever criminals succeeded in forcibly opening a vending machine in Siemensstadt. Contrary to what was intended, this was not an ATM but an automated bank account statement printer."

Hence they escaped with some admittedly quite important personal data and lots of blank paper which might be of use for writing down future crime ideas, but nothing they could take to the local pub and exchange for some celebratory beers. [The Register]

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