This Wireless Multi-Room Speaker for £170 is Your 'Christmas Music Hell' Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

This time of year always has a few things in common. Gluttony, overspending, shit jumpers, and the god awful music that makes you want to tear out your eardrums. In case you want to subject you, or your visiting relatives to that hell, the JAM Symphony wireless smart sound multi-room speaker is the way to go.

Unfortunately you need more than one to take advantage of the multi-room features (they connect via Wi-Fi), but the system can be controlled via Android and iOS smartphones, plays music from select streaming services, and even has an intercom system. It's your for £169.99 when you buy from PC World

Since we are knee-deep in a nostalgia outbreak right now, it's a great time to replay classic Rare games from your childhood. Especially when the disc of 30 games only costs £7 at Tesco Direct. It may not have Goldeneye, but it does have Battletoads. You know, in case you hate yourself.

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