TPCast's Wireless HTC Vive Kit Goes on Sale Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another tech company promising to make VR wireless and therefore a bit more like something normal, everyday folk might consider doing, has emerged, with TPCast claiming its tetherless HTC Vive kit is ready for sale on a limited edition developer preview in China kind of deal.

It's been put on sale as part of Alibaba's 11/11 shopping festival, where TPCast presumably hopes it'll be one of the star attractions. The maker describes it as being a "VIVE tether-less upgrade kit" and, for a local price of 1,499 Chinese Yuan (about £180) it can be ordered from 11pm Beijing time today, November 11.

People who can provide a valid HTC Vive serial number will be prioritised as you might expect, they say, with orders starting to ship sometime, oh, during Q1 of 2017. One additional hoop to jump through is that it seems to be organised through HTC's Chinese Vive portal, so if you really, really want the poshest VR setup currently available, there's some work to do and some waiting to be done and some more money to find. [Vive]

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