Trump's Hair Secrets Revealed by Madame Tussauds

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Donald Trump is president-elect, and we can’t imagine it’ll be too long before the chosen one adds ‘style icon’ to his Twitter bio.

Known just as much for his quirky hairdo, pouty lips and striking hands as he is for his... policies, it’s only a matter of time before kids start asking for The Trump -- previously known as The Biff Tannen -- in barbers all over the globe.

Madame Tussauds is currently working on a waxwork Trump, which is set to be unveiled ahead of Inauguration Day next year, and hair inserter (great job title) Sophie Crudginton has shed some light on the work going into that famous barnet.

“It is 100 percent belly yak hair,” she said, well aware of the headlines that would follow. “We're not using human hair because we can't get white human hair, but we're using yak and it works just as well.”

So there you have it. Yak hair, traditionally used to make ropes and garments, is an ideal alternative to the stuff sprouting out of Trump. Expect sales to skyrocket. [DallasNews]