Uber Now Lets You Navigate To A Person, Rather Than A Place

By James O Malley on at

Ride hailing service Uber has today announced a significant update to its app - one which enables users to set their destination as a person, rather than as a physical location.

From now on if you opt to sync your contact book with the app, when you type a destination you can put in an individual instead - and assuming they have Uber installed and have opted to share their location, the app will then route your driver directly to them.

The upshot is that it could be a good way of meeting people en route to somewhere, or without having to use a meeting point - as your respective GPS locations will be used for coordination instead.

The update also changes the user journey in the app, so that before you select which Uber service you'd like, you have to enter your destination - then the app will display which Uber services (from UberPool to UberLux) are able to get you there.

If you're a regular Uber user, the app will also figure out your regular journeys and create shortcuts to make it one button to fire up a ride. The company is also adding an "on trip feed", which will be displayed during journeys and will let you know your fare estimate, destination, the track playing if the car radio is sync'd up with Uber, as well as buttons to split the fare with friends and family. If you'll allow us to wildly speculate - it appears that this is a space that Uber wants to use to flog you stuff while you're en route, such as its Deliveroo-style "UberEATS" service.

The update is rolling out this week.