UK Raspberry Pi Startup Turns into Million-Dollar Player

By Gary Cutlack on at

A little UK-based team building things around the Raspberry Pi system has suddenly found itself swimming in money, thanks to winning a nice funding wedge of  £3.5 million to... carry on doing what it's doing.

The money's off to Pi-top, maker of the pi-topCEED -- a computer chassis and screen combo that turns the cheap little computer into something more recognisable and a little bit more user friendly. That and the smaller pi-top laptop were both crowd funded -- this capital injection will help the team expand, and with 26 people on the payroll at the moment it looks like it'll continue to be a big thing in the Pi universe.

Although aimed at the educational world, co-founder Jesse Lozano says they're selling a lot of units to developers and amateur coders to use in their personal projects, using the company's own pi-topOS to sit atop the Pi's Raspbian system and add a more familiar GUI to the enthusiast machine.

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