Unusual Cambridge 'Ghost Roundabout' Designed to Confuse Drivers Into Slowing Down

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

An unusual new traffic-calming feature built on Tenison Road in Cambridge is doing its designers proud by attracting lots of online attention and getting people talking about road safety.

The cobbled brick circle, which has been dubbed a ‘ghost roundabout’, covers a sizeable chunk of the road as well as the pavements running alongside it. It’s designed to confuse drivers into slowing down, working as an alternative to speed bumps.

“It is just a feature on the road that was agreed by residents, councillors and Cambridge Cycling Campaign,” said a Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman who’s clearly a bit miffed about all of the ridicule it’s currently being subjected to. “Residents wanted to make the road less like a rat-run, so it has a different feel to slow drivers down a bit.

“Residents saw all the designs and agreed them. It's gone through considerable consultation through the years.”

Road safety expert Richard Owen, meanwhile, told Cambridge News, “No one has seen anything like it before, but as long as it’s not misleading people dangerously, then it’s perfectly acceptable to experiment with it.” [Cambridge News, BBC]