Virgin Media Finally Does 4G

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media has launched a new range of 4G SIMs, with the interesting thing for data-Scrooges being the ability to roll over unused data from month to month.

The cheapest one on offer costs just £6 a month, which gives the user 300 minutes of calling time, unlimited text messages and a 300MB data allowance that can be rolled over once the 30-day rolling contract auto-renews at the end of the month. But it can only be rolled over once -- the previous month is the only one that'll be carried over, to stop users building up huge data warchests.

£9 gets subscribers 1GB of data, and this goes up in increments all the way to a £25 monthly option that unlocks 20GB of neverending animated GIF hell. And that 300MB should last longer than you might expect, with Virgin excluding WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger use from the count. So if that's all you ever do on your phone when away from the Wi-Fi, a £6 cheapo 4G SIM could conceivably be your main communications option. [Virgin Media via Uswitch]

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