VRMark Will Check How Well Your PC Can Run VR Worlds

By Gary Cutlack on at

Are you of the mindset that VR is the future and not a short-term diversion like 3D? Great! Carry on pretending it won't all blow over by 2018 by using the latest tool from Futuremark, which has released a benchmarking tool to more accurately tell if your Currys/PC World rig can run at anything near the high-end level of today's VR experiences.

Its VRMark suite goes further than the basic checker offered by Oculus which simply sees if you've got enough RAM and a graphics card that wasn't put in by Dell in the factory in 2009. There's an Experience mode to show how things might run on your existing PC monitor, running live VR demos to give users an idea of the clarity their machine might handle.

There are two vague compatibility checks -- the Orange Room to just see if stuff will work at all, plus a Blue Room suite of checks that'll kick in when being run upon something very expensive and assembled by someone who knew what they were doing, with the latter demonstrating the very highest-end of graphics settings.

And the good news for men who like sharing numbers to see who's best is... there will be a score. A number that says how good your PC is and will tell the world that you plugged the graphics card into the right hole. [VRMark via Engadget]

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