Wakeboarding on Cargo Containers is Terrifying to Watch

By Rhett Jones on at

I know videos like this are intended to be exhilarating and make you say “woo-hoo” but I just spent the whole time waiting to see a man smack into a rusty cargo container and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii and Dominik Hernler (with a little corporate support) designed and built this 360° rig that uses a full-size crane as a tow cable. Located in Pula, Croatia, the setup features seven shipping containers as well as a Link Belt LS-108C crane that is 40 metres long and capable of hitting 60kph.

The pro wakeboarders have dubbed their creation the “Flying Obstacle” but I’m just going to call it “Instant Tetanus”. [Red Bull]