Where is the Grand Tour Test Track?

By James O Malley on at

Clarkson, May and Hammond are back in Amazon's Grand Tour - and the show is a pleasingly familiar affair. They even have a test track. On the show, we got a brief glimpse of the track above - which Clarkson joked is the same shape as the ebola virus.

So where is it? Surely given the enormous budget of the new series the production team have found a suitable glamorous track?

Well, umm, actually, it's in Swindon. Seriously. Here it is:

It's actually the former RAF airfield at Wroughton, which since 1979 has been in the hands of the Science Museum, and is used to store around 26,000 objects from the Museum's collection, which aren't currently on display in its museums.

Here it is on a Google Map:

Incidentally, if you wanted to drive between this new track and the old Top Gear track at Dunsford Aerodrome in Surrey, it would take about one hour and 50 minutes:

And now you know. Ah, the glamour of TV.

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