World-Changing Light Bulb Comes With Two USB Sockets

By Gary Cutlack on at

That large source of electricity just dangling there in the middle of the room? Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow harness it, like the sun, and use its energy to make your phone stay on for longer so there's something to do? Well now you can. Or soon you can. Or maybe you can.

Because there's this Kickstarter project in the draft stages at the moment, one that takes your usual old light bulb and adds two new features -- one USB socket and another USB socket. The result is the PowerBulb, something that, should it get on Kickstarter and meet all of its goals, turn any boring old decorative lamp into a next-generation gadget-empowering piece of cutting-edge technology.

Look at how it has changed the lives of these people and made them happier because they no longer have to face each other or think of things to say:

You could carry a bulb with you and steal electricity from places without plug sockets, too.

PowerBulb will or might cost $29 (£29, probably) to order on the cheapest funding tier when it goes live, with the additional good news being that it's an efficient LED model -- so it should completely pay for itself within 17,000 years. Sadly there doesn't appear to be a bayonet model on offer because it's a US project and how are they to know about our weird connection things, so it'll have to go in a lamp, or a fridge, or an oven, or anything else in the house with a screw-in connector. [Kickstarter]

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