World's Shortest Flight Logs 1,000,000th Passenger

By Gary Cutlack on at

The world's shortest scheduled flight, which links the remote Orkney islands of Westray and Papa Westray, carried its one millionth customer this week -- quite a remarkable feat on a route that currently operates a tiny eight-seater plane.

It's only a 1.7 mile flight, though, one that can be done in less than a minute of flying time with a favourable tail wind; barely enough time to get the duty free trolley up the aisle, eat your packet of mini pretzels and leaf through the in-flight magazine. Here they go:

A large part of the route's popularity is thanks to the business of its most regular customer. Anne Rendall works as a "flying banker" for the Royal Bank of Scotland, helping communities on the islands do their banking even though there's not a branch anywhere near the island.

Loganair, the operator of the route, presented her with a bunch of flowers to say thanks for playing quite a big part in keeping the link looking busy, seeing as she's taken a staggering 10,000 and then some flights on the micro line. [Guardian]

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