10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Under a Tenner

By Jack Tomlin on at

Whether you need to buy a stocking filler to finish off someone’s present haul, or want ideas for a simple quick gift for a co-worker’s Secret Santa – we have collected together 10 fun gifts that cost £10 or less. Cheapskates, rejoice!

Star Wars Metal Construction Kit – £9.99

This thing would look great sitting on someone’s desk when it’s all put together – out of this world, even. The unconstructed kit includes two sheets of laser cut metal pieces that come together to form Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon – with no need for glue to keep together the detailed model. It usually sells for £12 on MyGeekBox, but is on offer for a penny under a tenner. [Buy now]

I’m A Twat Mug – £5.99

What appears to a pretty standard white mug has a fun hidden message emblazoned across the bottom. Whether you’re buying it for a family member who needs taking down a peg or two, or just want to keep up the office banter with some mildly offensive language – this is the mug to gift them. [Buy now]

The Ladybird Book of the Zombie Apocalypse – £6.99

This tongue-in-cheek range of Ladybird books has been doing the rounds for a while now, and they are great fun and really well written. This particular edition, providing humorous satire about the world being plunged into a zombie-led doomsday scenario, has been penned by writers behind The Mitchell and Webb look and Miranda. [Buy now]

Grip Strip – £6.99

If you know someone who would benefit from being able to stick their phone onto a dashboard – or their frying pan to the ceiling, indeed – then this Grip Strip is worth sticking on your present list. It uses a “miraculous polymer” compound to make bits and bobs stick to it, even upside down. You can get one in blue, black or red. [Buy now]

Tipsy Wine Glasses – £8.99

We all know someone who likes a glass of wine. And we likely all know someone who likes their wine a bit too much (in my friend group, that ‘someone’ is me). Well, give your wino companion the fun gift of these mind-bending ‘Tipsy’ glasses, which will certainly take on a life of their own after a couple of glasses of Chianti. [Buy now]

Fucking Strong Coffee  – £9.99

It might well be that same person you know who loves their wine also loves their coffee. Having bought a packet of this Fucking Strong Coffee myself, I can attest to the fact that it is indeed a blend that packs quite the punch. While it doesn’t actually keep you up for days on end, like the reviews say it does, it is a very dark blend of java with a robust flavour. It’s a slightly coarser grind, perfect for a cafetière. And, of course, a great thing to offer guests too. [Buy now]

USB Cup Warmer – £8.95

Keeping your cup of tea or coffee warm – Fucking Strong or otherwise – is not something that’s easily done. How often have you absent-mindedly made a cup of tea, only to leave it too long and find it cold? Well, this USB-powered cup warmer will make that nuisance thing of the past. A perfect gift for someone you know who works in an office. [Buy now]

Folding Phone Holder – £4.99

What’s the point of having an expensive phone if just gets left on the floor while charging, ready to be stepped on? This neat little contraption is universal for plug sockets, and provides a little platform to keep expensive gadgets out of harm’s way. It won’t win awards for The Most Exciting Present Ever – but it’s certainly a handy little thing. [Buy now]

Death Star Ice Mould – £9.99

Something suited perfectly for the whisky drinker in your life, this kit makes it easy to form balls of ice in the shape of Star Wars’ famous Death Star. Of course, the ice could be used in any drink, but a such a sphere of slow-melting ice is a great addition to a glass of Scotch. Unfortunately, as Firebox states, there is no planet-destroying superlaser included. Darn. [Buy now]

Nothing – £6.99

And last and by every means least is…..nothing. Yep. For the person who has everything, you can indeed by them nothing, in the form of this clear ball of plastic that contains the opposite of everything. It’s certainly a cheeky present, but a classier way of giving someone a present when you really don’t know what they would like. [Buy now]