10 Must-Have Stocking Fillers For The Geek in Your Life

By Kim Snaith on at

So your boyfriend/girlfriend/child/uncle/aunt/parent/friend/next door neighbour/second cousin twice removed is a big ol' geek and therefore really hard to buy for, right? Perhaps they've already got everything they possibly could want and you have no idea what on earth you could buy them to fill that geeky void on Christmas Day. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something a bit quirky (hey, you deserve it). Never fear; I've done the hard work for you and scouted out 10 sure-fire winning stocking fillers for anybody with even a smidgen of love for geek culture. Even better? They're all under a tenner.

Floppy Disk Coasters

Everybody loves the nineties. Therefore anything that reminds us briefly of that wondrous decade is an instant win. This set of four coasters from Amazon captures the epitome of 90's technology: the much-missed floppy disk, with all of its 1.44 MB of storage space. Thankfully, these particular floppy disks are just the perfect storage size for a cup of tea or beverage of choice – which,  incidentally, could be served in... [£9.90, Amazon]

Pac-Man Colour Changing Pint Glass

Add a beverage of your choice (recommended: a nice cold beer) to this Pac-Man glass, and see it come to life with the delightfully retro colours of Pac-Man and co. Great for a fan of retro gaming, great for fans of drinking cold beverages – and absolutely perfect for fans of both. [£6.99, Truffle Shuffle]

Colour-changing Super Mario Light

The mascot of Nintendo gets himself everywhere - even into the shape of an LED light, it would seem. This cool geeky essential plugs into a USB socket and lights up in a variety of colours. It's the perfect accessory to the desk of any discerning gamer. [ £10, Sammydress.com]

'Albert Einstoe' Socks

Do you ever feel like your socks just aren't interesting – or intellectual – enough? Perhaps adding a world-famous physicist to them will do the job. Never fear; Chattyfeet at Not on the High Street have got you covered with this pair of hilariously cute 'Albert Einstoe' knee-high socks. There's also Stephen Toeking and Professor Brian Sox if you'd rather. Or, you know, buy all three to gift the most intellectual sock collection the world has ever known. [£7.50, Not on the High Street]

DC Comics Photobooth

Thanks to the wedding industry, this photobooth malarkey is all the rage. There are a range of cardboard cut-out kits you can use at home, but I think this DC Comics set takes the biscuit. The frame's designed to look like a typical cartoon excerpt, and a bunch of speech bubbles and DC comic masks will transform you and your friends into the superheroes we all know and love. It's a must-have for any party or get-together over the festive season. [£6.99, IWOOT]

Star Wars 'Tatooine' Travel Print

For the Star Wars fan, there's this gorgeous faux travel print of Tatooine, designed like a 1950's travel advertisement. There are also matching prints available for BespinCoruscantEndorFelucia and Dagobah if you want to make the ultimate sci-fi statement on your living room wall. [£7, Not on the High Street]

NASA Space Suit Oven Glove

There just aren't enough links between the standard kitchen oven and outer space. Why not do something about that with this gloriously kooky NASA oven glove? Cooking a meal suddenly becomes an intergalactic mission... okay, maybe not, but it's at least infinitely cooler than that flowery oven glove you inherited from your grandmother, surely? [£7.99, Truffle Shuffle]


iPhone, meet the Rubix cube. Rubix cube, meet the iPhone. It's like someone's grabbed a Rubix cube, tore off the boring old plain coloured squares and replaced them with the icons from your iPhone screen. Actually, that's exactly what's happened. Hopefully it might confuse a younger family member long enough to get them to do something other than look at their phone screen on Christmas Day. [£5, The Great Gift Company]

Batman egg cup and toast cutter

It's a classic, but what's not to love? This eggcup shaped like Batman is bound to be a hit with anyone who has any kind of fondness for the Dark Knight. And who wouldn't want Batman-shaped toast? It even comes with its own spoon. Breakfast just got 78% more interesting. [£5.99, IWOOT]

Ctrl + Alt +Delete t-shirt

Ctrl, Alt and Delete. The go-to keyboard shortcut for any frustrated Windows user when an application isn't doing what you want it to do (so, usually, once every five minutes or so). Now that frustration can be proudly displayed on a t-shirt for the world to see (and undoubtedly, nod in joint agreement). Now, if only Ctrl + Alt + Delete worked in real life, right? [£7.99, Amazon]

There you have it; 10 geeky stocking fillers, each for less than £10. You can't go wrong!