2016's Supposed 'Photo of the Year' Is a Big Fat Fake

By Hudson Hongo on at

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ... it totally was.

While certainly dramatic, an image of a breaching great white shark currently making the rounds on Twitter as National Geographic’s “Photo of the Year” has nothing to do with the magazine. In fact, it isn’t even a photo.

In reality, the picture is taken from a series of computer generated stock images by Russian illustrator “Alexyz3d,” a fact that becomes obvious when the render is enlarged.

Image: Shutterstock

Even the photograph’s supposed author, “National Geographic Chief Photographer Bob Burton,” is a fiction, with no one by that name working at the magazine.

In a year full of fake news and hoaxes, even a great white shark may seem like small potatoes. Still, let’s try to end 2016 with a shred of reality intact, okay?

Please? [@PicPedant]