7 Gadgets and Accessories to Give as Ganja Gifts

By Arthur T. Huffam on at

For all the bath smellies and boxes of chocolate in the world, there will always be some people who would rather be granted a gift that’s a little more...alternative...this Christmas. So if there’s a person in your life who enjoys a bit of bud now and again, here are some ideas that go a bit further than the usual Christmas-gift fare.

Ice Bong Mould by Eyce

Sticking a few cubes of ice inside a water pipe is no new idea, but a whole bong made of ice?! Now that is pretty novel. The idea behind bunging ice in a bong is to cool down the temperature of the inhaled smoke, to produce a smoother plume that’s less harsh to take down. So having the whole thing made of frozen water, as you can create with Eyce’s clever design, is sure to produce a highly palatable hit.

At just over £60, it’s not exactly a very cheap wheeze – but for the party trick potential it is arguably worth the outlay. You can pick it up over on EveryoneDoesIt. [Buy now]

Glass Filters by DankTips

If you or the canna-lover in your life prefer to skin up a joint instead of chugging on a bong, then these neat little glass tips would be great addition to a rolling ritual. Tearing up little bits of cardboard to create a roach is second nature to most smokers, but anyone who’s been around long enough will have toked on a spliff that has clogged airflow where saliva has caused a pulpy blockage.

That’s no problem with these DankTips, which also should improve the overall flavour of the smoke coming through a joint, by not letting the experience suffer from burnt-cardboard-induced nastiness. They’re sold as being easy to clean too, and come in a neat presentation box. Perfect as a gift. Once you add on shipping to the UK from DankTips’ Cali locale, you’re paying a bit over £20 for the set of 10. [Buy now]

24K Rolling Papers by Shine

We likely all know at least one flash git who would love these gold rolling papers to bling out their biftas. These ostentatious skins are made from a blend of edible gold and hemp, to ensure a smooth burn – and are even supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Of course they don’t come very cheap, with a £38 RRP for the pack of 12, but EveryoneDoesIt is currently selling them for £28. There’s also an option to buy a pack of two for £14, or even one king-sized cone for £11. Go wild, gold-lovers! [Buy now]

Personal Air Filter by Smokebuddy

Cannabis may be the UK’s most popular illicit drug, but it is just that – illicit. So when there’s a need to keep stoner sessions surreptitious, this filter by Smokebuddy is accessory worth considering. Using it simply requires smoke to be blown into the top, and the internal workings remove the smell of sinsemilla smoke; odourless air then exits from the opposite end. Smokebuddy reckons you’ll get 300 uses out of it before the filter needs changing. You can pick one up at EveryoneDoesIt for £15. [Buy now]

Firefly 2 Handheld Vaporiser

The Firefly 2 has been causing a bit of a storm online as a great little vape for dry herbs. It’s certainly not cheap: one of the UK stockists to sell it the cheapest, GreenVapes, has it for £309. But to save the harmful effects of smoke inhalation, a decent vaporiser is arguably worth the hefty price. The Firefly 2 works by convection, only pumping out vapour when the user puffs on it, so it can be put aside in between tokes without wasting weed. Check out more of what we thought of the Firefly 2 from our review from earlier this year. [Buy now]

Electric Grinder by EasyLeaf

Manually grinding up a load of marijuana soon becomes a chore – we hear – so a little bit of gadgetry wizardry could be a welcome addition to a weed-smoker’s arsenal. Of all of the models on the market specially designed for the job, EasyLeaf’s design is regularly touted as a top design. It takes a 9-volt battery to get the motor running, and whizzes into action with a twist of the base, while also separating pollen dust from the ground up ganja. The £15 EasyLeaf grinder can, apparently, also be used to crush cinnamon and peppercorns – but if you’re going to do that, you might want to clean it out first, lest your meal take on a slightly psychedelic flavour. [Buy now]

Vision Microscope by T.H.Seeds

A microscope might not be the first thing that comes to mind as something suitable for a weed smoker, but any cannabis connoisseur should really have one to hand. The magnification lens helps to grant the user a look-see at the all-important THC that adorns the outside of the cannabis plant. It provides 60x magnification and packs two LED lights to help see the crystals, as well as a UV light to show up any undesirable fungus. It’s a geeky bit of kit, for sure, but handy for those who want to know the quality of the material they’re working with. For £17.50 from PureSativa, it’s not badly priced either. [Buy now]

For more gadgety ganja gift ideas, check out our round-up from last Christmas – which can be found here.