Amazon Claims That It Has Completed Its First Drone Delivery in Cambridgeshire

By James O Malley on at

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has today announced that the company has completed its first ever delivery by drone - a potent symbol of a future in which hovering sky robots rain down not just death, but small and lightweight packages.

In a video that has just been released, a customer called "Richard B", who lives in the middle of nowhere in Cambridgeshire, is shown taking delivery of a Fire TV Stick. The drone, which appears to be more of a straightforward quadcopter than the semi-aeroplane-like design, was fully autonomous and the delivery took only 13 minutes.

The footage of the drone flying is completely legit - though we're a little more sceptical about how real the rest of the video was, and whether it can truly be considered the first delivery. After all, Richard is seen buying not just any old tat from the retailer, he was buying a Fire TV Stick. And Amazon somehow video footage of him making the purchase. After the delivery, Richard presumably fired up the TV stick to watch The Grand Tour, while texting his rural pals on his Fire Phone.

But regardless, the fact that Amazon is once again shouting about the drone programme suggests that it is in fact making progress - so this could conceivably be the first of many tests.

Amazon says that at the moment the drones are being used in a "private customer trial" - so is presumably only being used with Richard and a handful of others who happen to live close to the Amazon test centre centre.