Apple Enthusiasts Over-Analyse AirPod Lightning Cable Hole

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has infuriated some of the more obsessive of its fans with one curious design quirk of the AirPods charging dock -- its connector hole is ever so slightly the wrong shape. But what does it mean?

Some poor writer for 9to5Mac got 406 words out of the fact that the AirPods charging hole is a bit long and rounded at the edges, and may therefore suggest that at some point in the product's design history USB-C charging was considered for the wireless headphone things. More likely, USB-C is the main type of hole-cutter the Chinese use for cutting holes in things nowadays, so the factories charge Apple 0.01 per cent less per 1,000 units for having an ever so slightly off design hole when it buys off-the-shelf quantities of holes for its hardware.

Of course, Apple fans think this means their favourite tech brand is losing it or being secretive about amazing plans, with people on Twitter claiming this hole shape disparity is nearly enough to have them switching to something from Samsung:

So, is Jony Ive losing it, or was there some secret plan to bin Lightning in favour of USB-C for this generation of Apple accessories? Or is that just the shape of all holes now? [9to5Mac]

Image credit: Twitter

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