Apple Quietly Removes Thing That Doesn't Work From MacOS

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has sort of issued a fix for the battery life problems experienced by some buyers of its latest 2016 MacBook Pro range, but instead of posting out new batteries and a man in a blue jumpsuit to install them it's come up with a much simpler method -- removing the battery time remaining estimate from the OS altogether.

Clearly Apple thinks the reason people were seeing poor and inexplicable battery life data on their posh new MacBooks was nothing to do with the battery hardware itself, but was in fact a problem caused by the way the MacOS system interprets the amount of remaining power. The newer, lower power chipsets are being blamed for this possible miscalculation, although Apple didn't mention any of this in the macOS 10.12.2 release notes, where it highlights all the exciting new things its added and conveniently ignores the broken ones it has binned.

Hence no more "time remaining" estimates for people to get angry and worried and obsessed to the point of teeth-grinding and chest pains about, and another crack in Apple's walls successfully papered over. [9to5 Mac]

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