April Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Now the Hot Rumour

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Proving the worth of tech gossip and rumours, a new report has emerged claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch in April 2017.

Previous reports seemed pretty certain about Samsung deciding to stick with its regular product schedule by announcing it at MWC in February.

But oh no, according to Korean site Naver (where this new rumour comes from), the S8 will instead launch at a slightly later date, at an event in New York. Surprise, surprise, the Note 7 debacle is apparently the reason behind the delay.

Naver claims that Samsung wants to "recover confidence" before unleashing its next major handset, and plans to announce the results of its own investigation into the Note 7 ahead of the launch of the S8.

The company’s next flagship is expected to come in two sizes -- 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch -- with neither option offering a flat screen. The company’s also apparently set to drop the physical home button and headphone jack.

It's not worth getting angry about that last one just yet, as the gossip will probably change a few times before April. [Naver via TrustedReviews]