Author Wins Priceless Gift of Amazon Promotion for Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

An author who entered an Amazon competition to find a new Christmas story book is luxuriating in the glow of some extreme nationwide digital channel promotion, as her book fires off for free to Kindle and Fire devices across the country.

The winning story was Sol The Slug's Night Before Christmas, with author Lucy Banks also winning some professional artwork to illustrate her tale that somehow manages to combine slugs with Christmas. Banks also won a £2,000 Amazon gift card so is already doing better, financially, than many writers. She said of her winning story: "I think there is a lot to be learnt from creatures like slugs; they are universally disliked, but offer something rather lovely to the world. It is a story about acceptance and inclusivity, and I hope it encourages readers to look at the world differently and realise that regardless of appearance, or in this case sliminess, everybody is remarkable."

Here's a picture of Banks laughing at a Fire tablet with a slug on it:

It's a metaphor for racism or religious tolerance, then. The story's available for free right now, with Banks able to set a price for it and add it to her own personal portfolio once the pre-Christmas promotional freebie period ends. [Amazon]

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