Autocomplete County Searches Show No One Knows Where Anything is

By Gary Cutlack on at

A map based around what questions people have been asking Google of our English counties gives us a very accurate picture of the cluelessness of the general public, although it can at least teach us such amazing local facts such as "Lincolnshire is boring" and "Gloucester is a dump."

"Kent is a city" is an interesting one, one that suggests the children of the county's schools were set some homework way above their abilities and all, as one, headed off home to get Google to do it for them, forever skewing the search results. Other amazing auto-complete suggestions that hint at the lack of awareness of the population include "Staffordshire is where," "Warwickshire is in what county" and the amazing "Northumberland is missing."

We've just tried filling in the gaps with some Scottish county auto-suggestions, but all you get from Google is "where is it?" attached to the end of the county name, as even the people who live in Dumfriesshire have trouble finding it on a map and have to occasionally look it up. [Reddit]

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