BBC and ITV Team up for BritBox Global Streaming Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC and ITV are launching a conjoined streaming attack on the US, with their BritBox service set to bring the best of the TV we produce -- and some things from ITV -- to the rest of the world. Starting with North America as they could really do with something to watch that isn't politics.

It won't just be for Top Gear repeats, either. The plan is to fill it with properly local content including the like of EastEnders, Holby City and Emmerdale -- shown just days after their UK debut in a "Now" section -- for the benefit of ex-pats, language students, and anyone else who thinks what the world really needs to fix all of its problems is more television streaming services.

BritBox will be an advertising-free subscription service, which means that although pricing hasn't yet been announced, it's bound to be six or seven quid a month, as that's what most people seem to have decided is OK to put aside for a service that's slightly easier than torrenting everything. It's set to launch early in 2017.

ITV online boss Simon Pitts said: "BritBox will be the best and most comprehensive British streaming service in the US; a rich catalogue of classic, new, and exclusive shows easily accessible to US viewers all in one place. ITV is now a global production and distribution business and this marks the first step in our international ambitions for BritBox." [ITV via Guardian]

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