Big Ben Maintenance Work Will Force Londoners to Check Watches in New Year

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Before you all get vicious in the comments section below, we know that Big Ben’s actually just the bell. Save your angry typing -- ‘Elizabeth Tower’ just doesn't bring in the clicks.

With that out of the way, here’s the news that the iconic London landmark will fall silent for the first time since 2007 next year -- the Great Dong Crisis -- forcing Londoners to check their watches and phones for the time, as a three-year, £29 million restoration project kicks off.

However, the bell’s still expected to toll on special occasions, such as Remembrance Day and New Year's Eve.

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Elizabeth Tower’s pendulum, clock hands and mechanism need a bit of TLC. The entire thing also needs to be updated to bring it into line with modern health and safety standards, and a lift is set to be installed to help people get to the top without having to climb 334 steps.

Clock faces will also be covered throughout the restoration, though one will be visible at all times just to remind people of Elizabeth Tower's worth. [BBC]