Bizarrely Hacked Animals to Star in Warped Nature Exhibition

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rat specially bred in Finland to display a preference for alcohol is one of the stars of a science and nature exhibition that's just got under way in London today, with the Making Nature show wanting to encourage us to see animals as something more than disease spreaders or potential sausages.

Making Nature: How we see animals is all about how humans relate to animals, a theme it wants to investigate by showing off some bizarre taxidermy and other exhibits brought in from the Center for PostNatural History -- a place that also collects animal examples with genetic anomalies, colour coded budgies, and houses a homage to the BioSteel Goats; a transgenic species of goat bred to produce spider silk proteins in their milk.

So if you want to see one of those, but dead, it's been brought over to the Wellcome Collection in London, for the event that runs from today until next May, by which time it'll really be stinking the place out. [Making Nature: How we see animals via Guardian]

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