Blippar Adds Facial Recognition to its AR App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Augmented reality company Blippar has added real-time facial recognition technology to its app, creating what may well become a fantastically useful tool for forgetful businessman and career stalkers.

The idea is that users "blip" a face -- either in reality or from a photo or TV screen -- and the app will try its best to work out who it was the phone was being knowingly or surreptitiously pointed at. And it's all OK and probably not going to be used for locating and murdering local TV weather girls, as in order to appear on the results pages the targeted individuals must have already created their own profile on the service.

So it's likely to be used by an ever-decreasing pool of people with an existing interest in AR tools, once, to see if it works (it probably won't, as it seems to struggle with static objects), before being phased out in a future version of the app and then everyone losing their jobs when the company goes bust. Perhaps. That's just one scenario. It could also be huge, it just... probably won't work, as all of this stuff invariably fails to do as promised. [BBC]

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