BT and its Offshoots Top Quarterly Broadband Complaints Chart

By Gary Cutlack on at

The subscribers of BT, Plusnet and EE were the angriest broadband users of the last quarter, as Ofcom data reveals that the three ISPs -- BT and the two also owned by BT -- generated the most complaints.

Ofcom has created a benchmark to judge how annoyed customers are of 20 complaints per 100,000 subscribers. BT rocketed up the dislikes chart in registering 36 complaints per 100,000 subscribers in the three months to September, with its Plusnet and EE fixed home broadband options sitting just behind in second and third place.

Complaints about complaints are part of the BT issue too, with Ofcom explaining: "BT's main complaint driver related to faults, service and provision issues, followed by issues around complaints handling and issues with billing, pricing, and charges."

All of which makes good reading for the often maligned TalkTalk, as that's gone down to fourth spot -- the least hated it's been for a long time. [Ofcom [PDF]]

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